WANDER is the number-one purchasing and inspiration event for everyone who is professionally involved in the interior business. It takes place in a creative location, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in interior design, decoration and gifts. It is the ideal time to meet new brands, get inspired and make arrangements for the next season.

In just a couple of years, WANDER has grown to be much more than an event: it is now an entire community. Which is why our new site also houses a blog. Now, we can keep you updated all year long. On top of that, we also publish our very own WANDER magazine right before the next upcoming edition. Our goal is to keep you informed.

WANDER is the brainchild of Nicolas Block. After a successful career as freelance and design journalist, Nicolas started his own creative agency: King George. His goal? To rebrand PR and communication in a positive way, while establishing himself as a trendwatcher. This makes him the perfect organizer for WANDER. After all, it is the place where all of his passions come together: trends, interior and design.